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Gangsta has returned to me for a visit, and will be here for sometime, available to approved bitches.. now sire of 23 champions to date, and. last year's Montgomery County winner. Ch. Kharasahl's Hanna Montana!

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Danville Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs Christine Carter

Winners Dog/Best Of Winners (2 points): Minuteman Amore (Kurt Garmaker, Agent)
Reserve Winners Dog: Kharasahl I Am Legend

Winners Bitch/Best Of Opposite (2 points): Fran-Lin's Dance To The Piper (Kurt Garmaker, Agent)
Reserve Winners Bitch: Mystique's Runnaround Tag M

Best Of Breed: Ch Earthsong Remedy For The Blues

Danville Kennel Club, Inc. - Tuesday 03/18/2008
      JUDGE: Ms. Christine (Chris) C. Carter
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs.
1/R   7 KHARASAH'S I AM LEGEND. RN 15394901. 07-17-07
    By Ch Repitition's Busta Move - Ch Mr. G's High Fallutin Annie.
      Owner: Alyce McBride., Pfafftown, NC 2740. Breeder: Alyce McBride.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1/W/BW   25 MINUTEMAN AMORE. RN 14534301. 11-01-06
(2 Points)     By Ch Minuteman No Fear - Ch Minuteman Repitition Romantica.
      Owner: Kurt Garmaker & Catherine McMillan., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Catherine McMillan & Kurt Garmaker.
A   27 AXCIUM'S CLEAREDFORTAKEOFF. RN 13355801. 09-07-06
    By Ch Jodi's Aces High - Ch Repitition's Carmina Burana.
      Owner: Hilde Haakensen., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Hilde Haakensen.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Open, Salt and Pepper Dogs.
1   29 MARCO JUAREZ. RN 14598101. 05-08-05
    By Ch Allruth SMJLSC Hugo - Datura Always Riveroll.
      Owner: Jose Luis Juarez., Apex, NC 27523. Breeder: Jose Luis Juarez.
      (Gerardo Reyes, Agent).
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches.
1/W/OS   20 FRAN-LIN'S DANCE TO THE PIPER. RN 14303301. 05-23-07
(2 Points)     By Ch Repitition's Busta Rhmes - Fran Lin's One And Only.
      Owner: Frank & Linda Salas., Vista, CA 32084. Breeder: Linda & Frank Salas.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. 12 to 18 Months Bitches.
1/R   10 MYSTIGUE'S RUNAROUND TAG M. RN 13791402. 03-03-07
    By Ch Destineez Mystigue Jazz Man - Ch Char N Co Runaround Sue.
      Owner: Gwyn H Mathis & Catherine Rohrer., Locust, NC 28097. Breeder: Catherine Rohrer & Charlotte Stukey.
2   26 REPITITION B SEVENTEEN. RN 13917104. 12-19-06
    By Ch Repitition's Southern Stuff - Ch Repitition's Silly Of Me.
      Owner: Kurt Garmaker., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Kurt Garmaker & Laurie Bialek.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
2   8 KELLY'S PRECIOUS BLACK PEARL. RN 14442801. 06-22-07
    By Ch Kelly's Mlou Spicy Man - Ch Kelly's I'll Steele Your Heart.
      Owner: Geri Kelly & Kathleen Severance., Vero Beach, FL 32967. Breeder: Vicki Wygant & Geri Kelly & Suzanne V Steele.
1   14 BLACKWITCH BERTHA BEE. RN 07774401. 01-28-05
    By Ch Phil Adore's Medicine - Ch Blackwitch Night Delite.
      Owner: Carol Beagle., China, MI 48054. Breeder: Carol Beagle.
3   24 REPITITION'S ISNT SHE LOVELY. RN 12465505. 08-24-06
    By Ch Wards Creek's Only The Best For Adamis - Ch Repitition's Renegade.
      Owner: Kedrick Brown & Kurt Garmaker., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Kurt Garmaker & Charlotte Stukey.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Open, Salt and Pepper Bitches.
A   12 ROYALCOURT HELEN WHEELS. RN 12302802. 10-10-06
    By Ch Wards Creek Flying Solo - Ch Royalcourt Sugar Glider.
      Owner: Gloria Lewis., Greenacres, FL 33413. Breeder: Gloria Lewis.
2   16 BLACKWITCH WILL B DELITE. RN 09814002. 10-07-05
    By Ch Phil Adores Medicine - Ch Blackwitch Real Delite.
      Owner: Carol Beagle., China, MI 48054. Breeder: Carol Beagle.
1   18 SANDYPAWS JUST IN CASE. RN 08280807. 06-09-05
    By Ch Sandypaws Where's The Beef - Sandypaws Glitz And Glamour.
      Owner: Jane E LaPalme., Franklin, TN 37067. Breeder: Sandra Woodson.
      (Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
A   22 BEARD'S HOT CHILLI PEPPER. RN 07028501. 11-22-04
    By Ch Repitition's Monkey Business - Ch Beard's Jilted One.
      Owner: Marcella Beard., Suffolk, VA 234351407. Breeder: Marcella Beard & Joseph Beard.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Best of Breed Competition.
  9 CH KELLY'S PERAZZI BULLET . RN 11784208. 06-17-06
    By Ch Ruedesheim's Hustler - Ch Kelly's Tamar's Midas Touch. Dog.
      Owner: Robert Boyer & Geri Kelly., Naples, FL 34104. Breeder: Vicki J Wagant & Geri Kelly & Linda Tamar.
  11 CH BLYTHEWOOD GOING PLACES. RN 06714101. 11-16-04
    By Ch Blythewood Politically Correct - Ch Blythewood Dance With Me. Dog.
      Owner: Helen Day & James Day & Shawne Imler., Clarcksburg, MD 20871. Breeder: Geary Knowles & Joan Huber.
      (Traci L Preto, Agent).
B   15 CH EARTHSONG REMEDY FOR THE BLUES. RN 13232501. 12-21-06
    By Ch Phil Adores Medicine - Ch Mai-Laur Juno. Dog.
      Owner: Karen Hoffmann & Rachael F Hoffmann., Applegate, MI 48401. Breeder: Karen S Hoffmann DVM.
      (Shawne Imler, Agent).
  17 CH HARDINHAUS RYTHEM & RHYMES. RN 11516101. 12-31-06
    By Ch Repitition Busta Rhymes - Ch Hardinhaus Ashes & Embers. Dog.
      Owner: Nancy Blackburn & Marian Harding., Columbia, TN 38401. Breeder: Marian Harding.
      (Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
  21 CH BEAUIDEAL IT'S RAINING MEN . RN 10408104. 09-09-05
    By Ch Beauideal I'm A Rockstar - Ch Beauideal Flamewars. Dog.
      Owner: Barbara Weidner & Laurie Darman & Kim Griffin., Wichita Falls, TX 76305. Breeder: Dr Lisa G Sarvas.
      (Adriano Rocha, Agent).
A   23 CH CARMEL RACE TO KELVERCREST. RN 07179402. 12-09-04
    By Ch Hilines Carmel With A Twist - Ch Carmel Legacy By Design. Dog.
      Owner: Vera Kelly Potiker., Riverside, CA 92506. Breeder: Carma Ewer.
      (Gabriel Rangel, Agent).

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