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'Wheelz' finished under judge Mr Dennis Kniola on the 7th of December, 08 at the Greater Hickory Kennel Club in Winston-Salem, NC. He is the 88th champion for his sire, the famous Ch Rampage's Representative. Rep is already the breed's top producer with the most champion offspring in breed history. 'Wheelz' dam is Awesome's Raizin the Ante, he is bred and owned by Hal and Jan Smith, Awesome's Miniature Schnauzers.

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Danville Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs Christine Carter

Winners Dog/Best Of Winners (2 points): Minuteman Amore (Kurt Garmaker, Agent)
Reserve Winners Dog: Kharasahl I Am Legend

Winners Bitch/Best Of Opposite (2 points): Fran-Lin's Dance To The Piper (Kurt Garmaker, Agent)
Reserve Winners Bitch: Mystique's Runnaround Tag M

Best Of Breed: Ch Earthsong Remedy For The Blues

Danville Kennel Club, Inc. - Tuesday 03/18/2008
      JUDGE: Ms. Christine (Chris) C. Carter
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs.
1/R   7 KHARASAH'S I AM LEGEND. RN 15394901. 07-17-07
    By Ch Repitition's Busta Move - Ch Mr. G's High Fallutin Annie.
      Owner: Alyce McBride., Pfafftown, NC 2740. Breeder: Alyce McBride.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1/W/BW   25 MINUTEMAN AMORE. RN 14534301. 11-01-06
(2 Points)     By Ch Minuteman No Fear - Ch Minuteman Repitition Romantica.
      Owner: Kurt Garmaker & Catherine McMillan., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Catherine McMillan & Kurt Garmaker.
A   27 AXCIUM'S CLEAREDFORTAKEOFF. RN 13355801. 09-07-06
    By Ch Jodi's Aces High - Ch Repitition's Carmina Burana.
      Owner: Hilde Haakensen., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Hilde Haakensen.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Open, Salt and Pepper Dogs.
1   29 MARCO JUAREZ. RN 14598101. 05-08-05
    By Ch Allruth SMJLSC Hugo - Datura Always Riveroll.
      Owner: Jose Luis Juarez., Apex, NC 27523. Breeder: Jose Luis Juarez.
      (Gerardo Reyes, Agent).
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches.
1/W/OS   20 FRAN-LIN'S DANCE TO THE PIPER. RN 14303301. 05-23-07
(2 Points)     By Ch Repitition's Busta Rhmes - Fran Lin's One And Only.
      Owner: Frank & Linda Salas., Vista, CA 32084. Breeder: Linda & Frank Salas.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. 12 to 18 Months Bitches.
1/R   10 MYSTIGUE'S RUNAROUND TAG M. RN 13791402. 03-03-07
    By Ch Destineez Mystigue Jazz Man - Ch Char N Co Runaround Sue.
      Owner: Gwyn H Mathis & Catherine Rohrer., Locust, NC 28097. Breeder: Catherine Rohrer & Charlotte Stukey.
2   26 REPITITION B SEVENTEEN. RN 13917104. 12-19-06
    By Ch Repitition's Southern Stuff - Ch Repitition's Silly Of Me.
      Owner: Kurt Garmaker., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Kurt Garmaker & Laurie Bialek.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
2   8 KELLY'S PRECIOUS BLACK PEARL. RN 14442801. 06-22-07
    By Ch Kelly's Mlou Spicy Man - Ch Kelly's I'll Steele Your Heart.
      Owner: Geri Kelly & Kathleen Severance., Vero Beach, FL 32967. Breeder: Vicki Wygant & Geri Kelly & Suzanne V Steele.
1   14 BLACKWITCH BERTHA BEE. RN 07774401. 01-28-05
    By Ch Phil Adore's Medicine - Ch Blackwitch Night Delite.
      Owner: Carol Beagle., China, MI 48054. Breeder: Carol Beagle.
3   24 REPITITION'S ISNT SHE LOVELY. RN 12465505. 08-24-06
    By Ch Wards Creek's Only The Best For Adamis - Ch Repitition's Renegade.
      Owner: Kedrick Brown & Kurt Garmaker., Marietta, GA 30064. Breeder: Kurt Garmaker & Charlotte Stukey.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Open, Salt and Pepper Bitches.
A   12 ROYALCOURT HELEN WHEELS. RN 12302802. 10-10-06
    By Ch Wards Creek Flying Solo - Ch Royalcourt Sugar Glider.
      Owner: Gloria Lewis., Greenacres, FL 33413. Breeder: Gloria Lewis.
2   16 BLACKWITCH WILL B DELITE. RN 09814002. 10-07-05
    By Ch Phil Adores Medicine - Ch Blackwitch Real Delite.
      Owner: Carol Beagle., China, MI 48054. Breeder: Carol Beagle.
1   18 SANDYPAWS JUST IN CASE. RN 08280807. 06-09-05
    By Ch Sandypaws Where's The Beef - Sandypaws Glitz And Glamour.
      Owner: Jane E LaPalme., Franklin, TN 37067. Breeder: Sandra Woodson.
      (Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
A   22 BEARD'S HOT CHILLI PEPPER. RN 07028501. 11-22-04
    By Ch Repitition's Monkey Business - Ch Beard's Jilted One.
      Owner: Marcella Beard., Suffolk, VA 234351407. Breeder: Marcella Beard & Joseph Beard.
      MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Best of Breed Competition.
  9 CH KELLY'S PERAZZI BULLET . RN 11784208. 06-17-06
    By Ch Ruedesheim's Hustler - Ch Kelly's Tamar's Midas Touch. Dog.
      Owner: Robert Boyer & Geri Kelly., Naples, FL 34104. Breeder: Vicki J Wagant & Geri Kelly & Linda Tamar.
  11 CH BLYTHEWOOD GOING PLACES. RN 06714101. 11-16-04
    By Ch Blythewood Politically Correct - Ch Blythewood Dance With Me. Dog.
      Owner: Helen Day & James Day & Shawne Imler., Clarcksburg, MD 20871. Breeder: Geary Knowles & Joan Huber.
      (Traci L Preto, Agent).
B   15 CH EARTHSONG REMEDY FOR THE BLUES. RN 13232501. 12-21-06
    By Ch Phil Adores Medicine - Ch Mai-Laur Juno. Dog.
      Owner: Karen Hoffmann & Rachael F Hoffmann., Applegate, MI 48401. Breeder: Karen S Hoffmann DVM.
      (Shawne Imler, Agent).
  17 CH HARDINHAUS RYTHEM & RHYMES. RN 11516101. 12-31-06
    By Ch Repitition Busta Rhymes - Ch Hardinhaus Ashes & Embers. Dog.
      Owner: Nancy Blackburn & Marian Harding., Columbia, TN 38401. Breeder: Marian Harding.
      (Kurt Garmaker, Agent).
  21 CH BEAUIDEAL IT'S RAINING MEN . RN 10408104. 09-09-05
    By Ch Beauideal I'm A Rockstar - Ch Beauideal Flamewars. Dog.
      Owner: Barbara Weidner & Laurie Darman & Kim Griffin., Wichita Falls, TX 76305. Breeder: Dr Lisa G Sarvas.
      (Adriano Rocha, Agent).
A   23 CH CARMEL RACE TO KELVERCREST. RN 07179402. 12-09-04
    By Ch Hilines Carmel With A Twist - Ch Carmel Legacy By Design. Dog.
      Owner: Vera Kelly Potiker., Riverside, CA 92506. Breeder: Carma Ewer.
      (Gabriel Rangel, Agent).

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